Rock n Roll Tequila is defined by our iconic name and legendary, patented glass guitar bottles.  Although Rock n Roll Tequila began its performance years ago it was not until it was discovered by the Foxx Group, who acquired majority interest in 2017, when Rock n Roll Tequila became the main act. Early on the Foxx Group lead by The Incredible Chairman Duo of Kevin & Laurie Foxx, as well as RNR TEQ Owner and CEO Tyler Fleming had a vision for the brand to bring it to the mainstage of the tequila market for everyday consumers to enjoy across the US. From the beginning I shared that same vision and once I was tapped to lead the brand as Partner & Chief Operations Officer, we began an incredible passion project together which has become our current tastefully rebellious campaign.

Since, we have seen an incredible expansion of our brand. Despite the pandemic’s obvious setbacks, we have managed to triple the size of our team and distribution footprint with further distribution expansion planned for this year. Also, we launched our e-commerce website drinkrocknrolltequila.com

, which allows for customers across the country to order Rock n Roll online and have it shipped directly to their homes.

Along the way we have managed to gain some amazing supporting acts, Hall Of Fame NCAA Football Coach Bob Stoops and NFL Legendary Quarterback Dan Marino, who are tremendous partners in the brand.

Importantly, as our brand gears up for the mainstage and an international tour we seek to remain humble and stay committed to that initial vision; to provide tequila consumers an everyday, ultra-premium tequila that embodies the fun and rebellious spirt of Rock n Roll. With that in mind, we rebelled traditional standards and instead opted offering our consumers a tasting experience unlike any other brand on the market. Like any Rock n Roller, there is always an ambition to go Platinum. Therefore, as a brand, we skipped offering a traditional silver or blanco category to provide consumers with an elevated experience of a Platinum, triple distilled silver tequila. Additionally, we brought some Rock n Roll flair to the tequila world by offering one of the first flavored tequilas with Rock n Roll Mango – a mango infused silver tequila.

From there, we were not done with finding ways to offer our consumers a unique lineup and one-of-a-kind tasting experience, which resulted in the launch of our Cristalino Anejo in 2018. Early on we identified the crsitalino tequila category as a meaningful consumer trend since the charcoal filtration, stripped the color impurities from the aging process while keeping the same beloved barrel-aged taste. Like any anejo tequila, Rock n Roll’s “ Cristalino” offering is aged in wooden barrels, French Oak specifically, for 12-24 months. Afterwards, it is charcoal filtered which leaves the tequila in a crystal-clear state with an amazing barrel-aged taste.  This process enables us to provide consumers with a simpler, cleaner finished product that returns the tequila to a clear state, which so many consumers know and love it for. Rock n Roll Cristalino is displayed in a glistening electric guitar 750ML glass bottle that truly shines in the spotlight.

Moving forward, we plan to continue to expand our national distribution footprint, which currently includes our primary markets of Florida, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island to also include Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Colombia, Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Maine, Maryland, South Carolina, and Vermont as well as the continued growth of our international distribution in Canada and the Caribbean Islands. We also plan to continue to build upon our partnership with Seminole Hard Rock, which led to the creation of our limited-edition, exclusive Blue Bottle Silver Tequila. 

But we are not done there. We continuously seek to be market movers as we prepare the launch of our Strawberry Tequila, which is slated for early this summer. In furtherance of our tastefully rebellious mantra, it is important we bring the fun and excitement of Rock n Roll to tequila consumers everywhere. Who knows, there may even be a Crsitalino encore, so stay tuned and rock on.